Wave Maker’s News: The Fight to Keep Clean Waters Clean

Manatee Springs State Park, photo courtesy of Paul Clark.Over the last few months, GRN’s Science and Water Policy Team has been busy fighting to keep the rivers, bayous and streams of the Gulf safe for ourselves and future generations. From the effort to protect Florida’s Nature Coast from the “mining beast” to pushing states and the EPA to reduce Dead Zone-causing nitrogen and phosphorous pollution, GRN is committed to preserving and enhancing our healthy waters and communities.Check out the March edition of Wave Maker’s News to learn more:http://healthygulf.org/files_reports/publications/wave_makers/Wavemakers_News_March_2011.pdfIn this edition:Nature Coast or Mining Coast?Florida’s Nature coast is a truly magical wonder of nature, but Tarmac Corporation’s plans to build a massive mine in the heart of the Nature Coast could spell trouble for this unique and ecologically diverse region.The Fight to Keep Clean Waters CleanIn this article, read about our continued efforts to make sure that Louisiana and Mississippi are following federal pollution control laws and keeping clean waters clean for all of us to enjoy.Victory for Wetlands in Coastal MississippiYears of fighting and litigation have paid-off! GRN and our members have won a victory against an illegal and irresponsible wetlands destruction development in coastal Mississippi.Introducing Scott EustisCheck out this short biography about Scott Eustis, the newest member of GRN’s Science and Water Policy team.Styling with Aveda for Earth MonthGRN is proud to once again partner with Aveda salons from across the southeast during Aveda Earth Month. We extend a heartfelt thanks to all the Aveda salon staff for everything they do to help protect healthy waters and wetlands in the Gulf!Florida Environmental Catastrophe – Welcome Governor ScottAs environmental protection budgets are slashed and regulations rolled back, Florida could be facing some hard times for both the environment and the economy if new Florida Governor Rick Scott gets his way.EPA Makes Little Movement to Reduce the Dead ZoneCheck out this article to read about GRN’s work to push the EPA and state governments to take real action when it comes to reducing Dead Zone-causing nitrogen and phosphorous pollution.Raleigh Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer

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