Speak Out for Communities Over Cargo

After Hurricane Katrina, Congress sent millions of dollars in recovery money to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to help families rebuild and communities recover, but not all of that money went where it was supposed to. Instead, many recovery dollars meant to help low-income families find homes were funneled into pork barrel projects like the proposed expansion of the cargo Port of Gulfport.This industrial cargo dock will require the dredging of a “Big Ditch” through the heart of the Mississippi Sound – putting the fishermen, tourists, and residents who rely on a healthy Sound at risk – while increasing traffic, trains, and air pollution through the heart of historic Gulfport neighborhoods and communities.Come out to Long Beach on Thursday to tell the Mississippi State Port Authority and Army Corps of Engineers not to put cargo over communities!What: Scoping Hearing for the Port of Gulfport ExpansionWhen: March 31st, open House at 5:30, followed by presentation and public comments at 6:30.Where: Fleming Education Center, USM, 730 East Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, MS.For more information or to RSVP: Email me at Raleigh@healthygulf.org.Communities that have already borne the brunt of development, pollution, and poverty are again being asked to sacrifice their health and security. That’s not fair, and not right. On please join us in standing up for these communities, and the health of the Mississippi Sound.Raleigh Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer

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