Whether in Cleveland or NOLA, Scott Fujita is a Saint for the Gulf Coast

Last Friday GRN was excited to partner with former Saint Scott Fujita, filmmaker Walter Williams, musician Amanda Shaw and the America’s WETLAND Foundation to help spread the word about Louisiana’s coastal crisis. As you may have seen, Scott and his wife Jaclyn decided to donate half of his Superbowl check to charity, with half going to recovery efforts in Haiti, and half to coastal restoration. Beyond the $12,500 donation to GRN’s work, we were really excited to work with Scott to help draw attention to the issue, and working with AWF we quickly put together a fantastic event. We’ve seen an immediate impact, with Scott’s former teammate, Kawika Mitchell and his wife Billie donating $10,000 to GRN as well!Frequent collaborator Walter Williams put aside many pressing personal projects and jumped into directing and filming a public service announcement for us. You can see the YouTube video below.The event generated plenty of media coverage, and most of the television stations even got the story right! Big thanks go out to Amanda Shaw, whose work in the IMAX film Hurricane on the Bayou helped inspire Scott and Jacyln to get involved, and the producers of the film, who sent copies over for the press event. Also, the event couldn’t have happened without the support of the Intercontinental Hotel, which provided multiple conference spaces for all our varied needs.

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