Action Alerts

Protect the Pearl River

Protect the Pearl river

The Pearl River doesn’t need another dam on its main channel. Take action now to protect the Pearl River!

It’s Time to Restore the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River influences the Gulf and the United States in more ways you can imagine. Take action today to support the Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Act (MRRRI).

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to Defend the Gulf

Petrochemical corporations are racing to build new, dirty projects – increased fracking, pipelines, oil and gas terminals, and massive plastics plants – from the Permian Basin and across the Gulf Coast.

Stop the Taylor Energy Leak for Good

Taylor Energy’s wells need to be permanently plugged. Taylor Energy should be held accountable for their pollution, and an investigation into the root causes of 14 years of inaction should be initiated by Congress.

Support a Flood Less New Orleans

New Orleans continues to be vulnerable to flooding as we grapple with aging, outdated infrastructure and more frequent and stronger storms. Tell Mayor Cantrell to embrace a comprehensive approach to stormwater management

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