Introducing the Gulf Future Campaign to restore the Gulf Coast

Last week we launched the new Gulf Future campaign, a collaborative effort to increase public support for the coastal communities affected by the BP oil drilling disaster. Gulf Future is supported by a coalition of environmental and public interest organizations that have joined together to strongly recommend that policymakers:Restore the Gulf and hold BP financially accountable for all clean-up and impacts over the long-term;Ensure that coastal and fishing communities have the resources to fight for their future;Prevent future calamities by supporting the use of clean and renewable energy, stopping dangerous deep water drilling, and creating effective regulation of the oil industry.We know that bringing the nation together to accomplish these goals will put us on the path to restoration and create a better future not just for the Gulf Coast, but for the entire country.Visit today to make a donation and receive a petroleum-free black wristband to show your solidarity with the people of the Gulf. Supporters will be wearing these black wristbands until the oil stops gushing from BP’s Deepwater Horizon well.To celebrate the launch of this critical campaign, concerts are being held across the nation to benefit communities and wildlife affected by the disaster this Thursday. Ticket sales from the July 1st Gulf Coast Benefit concerts will be donated to Gulf Restoration Network and the Gulf Coast Fund, co-founders of Gulf Future. To find an event near you visit the Gulf Coast Benefit website.

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