NEW VIDEO: Oil Spill Commission Recommendations Need Congressional Action

The people and places of the Gulf Coast have been hit hard by the worst oil disaster in US history. It is outrageous that nearly eleven months later, legislation has not been passed to safeguard the future of these communities or ensure the environmental restoration of the region.Our latest Gulf Tides episode takes a look at the on-going deliberations surrounding the safety of deep water drilling and what systems can be put in place to prevent future disasters.The President’s Oil Spill Commission released its final report in January and recommended greater oversight of the oil industry including the creation of a Gulf of Mexico Regional Citizens Advisory Council and the need to direct 80% of BP’s Clean Water Act fines back to the Gulf.The Commission’s recommendations have yet to influence legislation that raises drilling standards and protects our environment. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has approved the first deepwater drilling permit since BP’s drilling disaster. Ironically, that permit went to a project in which BP is the largest owner. They are issuing permits without implementing all the safety recommendations of the oil spill commission.{source}{/source}Watch Gulf Tides 11: Deep Water Deliberations to hear from local fisherman Clint Guidry and coastal restoration scientist Denise Reed and watch crawfisher Drew Landry perform his song “BP Blues” before the Commission.The oil didn’t disappear, just the media – help us keep the story alive by watching this episode of Gulf Tides and following the links after the video to send a letter to your Senator. Please also forward the video to your friends and family, asking them to take action.Aaron Viles is GRN’s deputy director. You can follow him on twitter here.

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