Stormwater Incentives: Permeable Pavement

Living in a city below sea level means living in a city often inundated with water and its effects. Stormwater incentive mechanisms are easy to implement and afford community members the flexibility and creativity to reduce the impacts of flooding and runoff in our communities. Across the US, communities have employed successful incentive models such as stormwater fee discounts that are based on permeable pavement. Permeable pavement works by allowing rainwater to seep through the outermost layers through to the ground soil. This would relieve stress off of the city’s aging drainage system and curb runoff to Lake Pontchartrain. There would be less water pooling in our streets and properties. Stormwater runoff can also be reduced by installing rain gardens and bioswales. Green infrastructure practices such as these would also protect the natural function of our wetlands. If you’re a New Orleans resident and want to talk more about permeable pavement in your community, feel free to email me at

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