Flood Less New Orleans

"Bioswales dot the landscape at the Pontilly Neighborhood Stormwater Network near the Joe Bartholomew golf course." -Roadwork NOLA; Photo by Roadwork NOLA

Green Infrastructure: A Solution

Since New Orleans was settled by the French in 1718, New Orleanians have been learning to adapt to and live with water. The city is a series of basins surrounded by Lake Pontchartrain and  nestled along the mighty Mississippi. Grey infrastructure in the form of pipes, pumps, and drains combine to make our drainage system. …

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How a typical permeable pavement works. Photo Credit: Dan Swenson, Graphics Editor, Nola.com

Stormwater Incentives: Permeable Pavement

Living in a city below sea level means living in a city often inundated with water and its effects. Stormwater incentive mechanisms are easy to implement and afford community members the flexibility and creativity to reduce the impacts of flooding and runoff in our communities. Across the US, communities have employed successful incentive models such …

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