The BP Drilling Disaster Needs Your Support

The slow moving nightmare that is BP’s oil drilling disaster is escalating as a significant amount of oil is now reaching Louisiana’s delicate wetlands. This critical situation requires a fight from all directions. While it seems overwhelming, GRN is fighting to protect our coast and address this disaster, and you can help. GRN has pressured BP to provide honest and transparent assessments of the disaster. Three weeks after the disaster started, BP finally released video of the massive oil leak gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. More recently, BP posted live video streaming of the leak. The video has allowed prominent, independent experts to question the official estimates of the rate at which oil is gushing into the Gulf and propose new estimates that are significantly greater than BP’s. GRN has filed legal action against the U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) for failing to do their job and require oil companies to disclose plans to address disasters like blowouts and worst case oil spill scenarios. Before approving exploratory offshore drilling plans, MMS must follow the law and require companies to include blowout and worst case scenarios disclosures. These plans must include the maximum volume of oil, flow rate, and duration of a blowout, and estimated time to contain an oil spill.By making a donation today, you can help GRN continue to hold BP and federal agencies accountable to do their job. Your vital support will allow GRN to effectively respond to this growing disaster. GRN will be donating 25% of funds raised to the Gulf Coast Fund to directly support affected communities.Please make a donation online now, and help us continue to monitor and respond to the disaster. Cynthia Sarthou is GRN’s executive director

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