Wave Maker’s News: Polluting Louisiana’s Last Hope?

Mountain of Coal at International Marine Terminals, downriver from the Myrtle Grove Marina. Over the last few months, GRN’s Healthy Waters Team has been busy fighting to keep the Gulf’s waters and wetlands safe for ourselves and future generations. From the effort to ensure that coal terminals don’t pollute Louisiana’s last hope for coastal restoration to a success in stalling a destructive mega-channel on Florida’s Nature Coast, we are committed to preserving and enhancing our healthy waters and communities.Check out the June edition of Wave Maker’s News, GRN’s quarterly update on all things water in the Gulf of Mexico, to learn more:http://bit.ly/M1aD0pIn this edition:Polluting Louisiana’s Last Hope?Louisiana’s last hope for coastal restoration rests on harnessing the Mississippi River and its sediment to build land, but new and expanding coal terminals threaten to further pollute this one-of-a-kind resource.Sunwest Harbourtowne Mega-Channel StalledCheck out this article about a victory to protect seagrass beds, as well as the fish, shellfish and manatees that rely on them, along Florida’s Nature Coast.Unbridled Fracking in MississippiAcross the country, citizens are raising questions about how fracking operations are impacting their water and communities. But in Mississippi, the state is moving to permit new fracking operations without developing comprehensive rules to protect nearby residents and the environment.Aveda Earth Month a Great SuccessApril was Earth Month, and GRN was happy to once again partner with Aveda salons from across the Gulf to raise money and awareness for GRN’s Healthy Waters work.Citizens Gravely Concerned Over Tarmac MineIn Levy County, Florida, a mining company is trying to open a large rock-mining operation that could damage up to 3,000 acres of wetlands, but citizens are speaking out against this destructive project.Threats to Mississippi’s IslandsMississippi’s barrier islands are amazing natural treasures, but they are facing significant threats – from the ongoing impacts of the BP disaster to a new effort to drill for oil and gas next to the islands.Matt is GRN’s Science and Water Policy Director.

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