1000 Miles of Leaky Pipe?

Since last month’s deep leak and weak response in Green Canyon, we’ve been wondering what other shoes are yet to drop. In 2004, Shell Offshore Inc. touted the “cost-effective” pipeline placement method in Glider field as the new “standard”. What other places may have been compromised in the rush to “cost-effectiveness”? The Gulf has over 1000 miles of suspect pipe in its depths.Using data from BOEM’s website, we created an interactive map of Shell-affiliated pipelines deeper than 400m in the Gulf. One of Shell’s companies, Shell Offshore Inc., has over 1600 Kilometers (~1000 miles) of deep pipeline sprawling across the Gulf floor. Check out Skytruth’s map for platforms in the Gulf. Click on the lines and platforms to learn more.We know that every deep leak affects Corals, Whales, Birds and other Wildlife–so it’s frustrating to hear government downgrade the Glider leak as “minor” and claim “no environmental impact.” Independent scientists at ECOGIG reported impacts to Beaked Whales last month, while toxic sheen spread over the Gulf surface.Scott Eustis is GRN’s Coastal Wetland Specialistphoto by Vanishing Earth

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