BPs Oil Drilling Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

8 Years Since BP Disaster, New Report Documents Oil and Gas Impacts

On April 19th, Gulf Restoration Network released a new report – “Oil and Gas in the Gulf of Mexico” – that reviews ongoing damages from offshore oil and gas development, announces a new tool to document GRN’s monitoring efforts, and highlights some of the most significant pollution events in 2017. The report also shares recommendations …

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Trump calls for more drilling & more spilling

Last week, the Trump administration released a plan to open up nearly all U.S. water to oil and gas drilling. This news came on the heels of an announcement that Trump is rolling back protections, such as portions of the “well-control rule,” which were enacted to fix the problems that led to the BP drilling …

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RESTORE Council Updates Comprehensive Plan

Image Courtesy of Environmental Law InstituteIt’s been five months since the $20 billionsettlementwith BP was finalized, settingforththe timeline anddollar amounts thatwill make its way downtothe Gulf Coast.Within that $20 billion, approximately$5.3 billionwent towards the funding of theRESTORE Act,which has been tasked withimplementingrestorationprojects andprogramsacross the Gulf.The RESTORE Council, afederal-state bodytaskedwith governing twosignificantportion’sof theRESTORE Act dollars,recently releasedtheir …

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Booming in the Gulf

How does the Gulf sound? “The noise levels we’ve seen in the Gulf of Mexico are out of control, they are the highest we’ve seen anywhere in the world” -Kait FraserWe caught up with Kait Fraser at the GOMRI 2016 conference in Tampa, Fl, and you can listen here. Kait presented her findings on the …

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A New Gulf Beginning

Last Wednesday was beautiful and historic. While the sun rose and birds chirped, hundreds of citizens gathered at New Orleans City Hall. Representing Texas through Florida, Gulf-coast residents were joined by Louisiana leaders and supporters from as far as California and Washington D.C. The day began when local speakers took the stage. We soon marched …

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The Gulf needs you – join us at the Superdome

From sea level rise and extreme storms fueled by climate change, to coastal erosion, to frequent spills and accidents, the Gulf of Mexico and the people who live here are on the frontline of the impacts from the oil and gas industry. For too long, the Gulf has been treated like the nation’s energy sacrifice …

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Victory at Gulf State Park!

VICTORY! On February 16th, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama barred the state of Alabama and federal trustees from using $58.5 million of Early Natural Resource Damage funds from the BP oil disaster to construct a hotel and convention center in Alabama’s Gulf State Park. This is a big win for …

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Taylor Energy Did What?

Taylor Energy Company was once one of the largest offshore operators in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, it employs exactly one individual. This sea change arose from the death of its founder, but also because of a dirty (not-so?) little secret.That secret was revealed in 2010, when satellites captured daily oil sheens near “Ground Zero’ …

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