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Pearl Map Turtle. Credit: Cris Hagen, University of Georgia, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Suit wins agreement to determine protected status for Map turtles in Pearl and Pascagoula Rivers

A recent federal court suit by Healthy Gulf and the Center for Biological Diversity resulted in a settlement that requiries the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stop delaying the listing determination under the Endangered Species Act for two map turtles. These turtles are endemics in the Pearl and Pascagoula River systems, and have been surveyed recently for the health of their populations.

The Oyster Gardening program engages volunteers who hang oyster cages off of their docks, manage and tend them as they grow from spat-on-shell to adult stage oysters that can then be moved to public spawning reefs. Photo Credit: Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

Oyster spawning reefs and Oyster Gardening featured in NRDA Plan 2 for Mississippi

NRDA Restoration Plan 2 for Mississippi has been published for comment by the Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group and MDEQ. Three quarters of the spending in Plan 2 is focused on restoring oysters: placing cultch material on water bottoms to create reefs, and four years of new funding for the Mississippi oyster gardening volunteer program, managed by MS-AL Sea Grant Program.

Disappointments and small wins: the 2020 FL Legislature

Disappointments and small wins: the 2020 FL Legislature

This was the year. The one in which the Florida legislature was going to get serious about fixing the state’s toxic algae crisis. Actually, I said that last year, when Florida’s elected officials convened on the heels of a devastating 15 months of blue green algae and red tide fouling waterways on both the Gulf …

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Across the Gulf, oysters are in trouble

Across the Gulf, oysters are in trouble

[UPDATED] This original blog was posted in June 2019 before the collapse of Gulf oysters in the wake of historic flooding on the Mississippi River. That flooding led to the Bonnet Carre Spillway being opened twice in one season for the first time ever. Gulf oyster beds east of the Mississippi River were devastated along with fish and marine mammals all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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